Visit by Greenridge Primary School


On the 2nd of April 2004, Ms. See the vice-principal of Greenridge Primary School at Bukit Panjang, led a contingent of 12 primary 1 teachers to visit our kindergarten at Sunshine Place.  Greenridge Primary School, being ever forward looking, took a pro-active approach to understand how programmes are conducted at various kindergartens.  This was to prepare their primary school teachers so that they can better assist the lower primary pupils in settling into their primary school lives.  

Kinderland, being one of the premier private kindergartens, was their obvious choice.  During the visit, the kindergarten principal, Mrs. Wong together with her K2 teachers explained to the visitors our unique programmes and salient approaches in running our kindergarten.  Naturally, the visitors went away fully impressed and overwhelmed.  In return for our hospitality, Ms. See presented our kindergarten with a plaque of appreciation.

Mrs. Wong receiving a plaque of appreciation from Ms. See:

A sharing session for the kindergarten and the primary school teachers:

Mrs. Wong briefing the Greenridge staff on the programmes: